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Everest Suv

Everest SUV for safety in the Winter

With the Everest SUV even in the toughest winter weather in motion. It is characterized by a particularly high safety requirements, to have also in the case of ice and snow, a good Handling.



Driving comfort

Wet grip

Precision and traction in the Winter

Especially in the Winter, a SUV has to prove his Strengths. The Everest SUV Plus winter tires from SYRON TIRES meet the highest requirements in the Winter. More driving fun and safety at low temperatures is not.

  • High number of shoulder blocks
    Improved traction on ice and snow
  • High number of blades
    Increases the contact area with the road, improving traction and shortens braking distance
  • Special Hexagonal slats
    Allow a good grip and steering precision on dry and icy road surfaces.
  • Gutpositionierte Blocks
    The optimal distribution of pressure increases traction and improves the driving experience
  • Innovative block stabilizers
    You can optimize the distribution of pressure and improve Handling and traction
  • Combination of different slats of techniques
    to Increase the traction on ice and snow, and so, for more safety


Size Designation Load-capacity index  Speed category symbol Fuel efficiency class Wet grip class External rolling noise class and level
50er Serie
255/50 R19 107 XL V D C 73
55er Serie
235/55 R19 105 XL V D C 72
255/55 R18 109 XL V D C 73
60er Serie
235/60 R18 107 XL V D C 72
255/60 R17 110 XL V D C 73
215/60 R17 96 H D C 72
65er Serie
235/65 R17 108 XL V D C 72
215/65 R17 108 XL V D C 72
215/65 R16 102 XL V D C 72
70er Serie
215/70 R16 100 V D C 72

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